Summer business opportunities in catering and events

This article looks at the wide range of opportunities available this summer for those working in the events and catering industry, particularly with the growth trend of outdoor living.

The rise of the outdoor event
Entertaining and social occasions have become far more formal in recent years. At the same time, people are celebrating a wider range of occasions than ever before and looking for cost effective ways to get friends and family together to enjoy quality time together. A similar trend is also notable in the corporate world, where bosses are hiring corporate entertaining packages and equipment to put on outdoor events to recognise and reward staff for good performance. Certainly, the UK is keen to enjoy social time and good food outside and this time of year is perfect for businesses to capitalise!

Equipment to hire
Most people looking to put on an event will need to hire in a commercial size barbeque, with propane gas supplied. Calor Gas Limited supplies a wide range of propane gas cylinders, which can be stored easily and also refilled for recycling. This is ideal for customers who wish to reduce their carbon footprint and also benefit from regular propane gas supplies for entertaining throughout the summer. The hook up of the propane gas cylinders to the gas barbecue is simple and easy to manage. Calor Gas Limited and other companies also sell a wide range of gas barbecues – from small and transportable models for camping and caravanning, through to large and commercial size models that are ideal for large scale entertaining.

Business opportunities for this summer
If you are involved in the commercial or outdoor events industry, then stocking gas and electric barbecues and propane gas cylinders from Calor Gas Limited can be a great way of growing your summer income. Consider launching special seasonal promotions to boost demand and raise your business’s profile. You can market your business offer via a range of channels, from online advertising, media advertising in the local press and PR, through to door drops, leafleting and physical advertising at stores.


Get your offer out there
Consider sponsoring large public events with your products and build combined offers for different audiences – such as a full corporate entertaining pack which covers a gazebo or outdoor marquee, propane gas cylinder, commercial size barbecue, tables, linens, tableware and cutlery and other entertainment essentials. You could also link up with linked suppliers of items such as mobile bars, music and sound systems and lighting equipment to offer a full package for convenience. Many customers will value this easy service and the speed in which they can organise a large scale event.

You could also offer staff to do outdoor catering – hosted barbecuing is a great way to add a premium onto your services and allows you to break into the larger and public event arena, as well as provide a high value service for weddings, large birthday parties, anniversary parties, bar mitzvahs and so forth.


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