10 Steps to Follow before Starting your Web Hosting Company

Reseller Hosting offers you an opportunity to start your own web hosting business without having invest in the infrastructure and manpower required to start a web hosting company. All you need to do is purchase a Reseller Hosting package and sell it in smaller parts to your clients. If you are considering venturing into the reseller web hosting space, then here are ten steps that you must follow before you start selling web hosting plans.

Step 1.            Be clear about your Business Goals

Why are you starting the business? Profits are obvious. But, are you trying to diversify your work portfolio too? Or, is it purely a business venture for profit. Be clear about your business goals before you start your web hosting reseller business.

Step 2.            Know your Audience

As a web hosting reseller, you can sell a hosting plan to anyone who has a website. But, who will you try selling it to? Will you approach individuals, companies, bloggers, start-ups, etc.? It is important to be clear about the target audience before starting your business. Also, spend some time assessing how you will approach them and attract them to your website.

Step 3.            Know your Competition

In any business, understanding your competition is essential to plan your strategy for success. Research the market and see what your competitors are offering to your target audience. This will help you devise hosting plans with features that are different from them. Also, try to identify some pain areas that need resolution and add the solutions to your plans too.

Step 4.            Know your product well

If you are not technically qualified, then you might want to spend some time understanding the basics of the features and software. This will allow you to design the packages and explain the benefits to your clients.

Step 5.            Choose the Right Hosting Company

Before buying the Reseller Hosting package, spend some time researching the market and find the company which offers excellent features, support, and the latest infrastructure at a reasonable price. They should provide 24×7 support to resellers too! Consider all factors before choosing a Reseller Hosting company.

Step 6.            Look for White Label Support

White Label means that your clients will not be able to see the name of the hosting company anywhere in the control panel. For your clients, this will be a hosting plan offered by you. This will allow you to establish your brand name as an independent web host.

Step 7.            Design Hosting Packages

Based on your research about your target audience and competitors, create hosting packages that are unique and meet the specific requirements of your clients. Keep the price competitive and offer features that your clients will love.

Step 8.            SSL Certificate Installation

In web hosting, security is very critical. When a client purchases a hosting plan from you, he will fill in his personal details and financial information in your billing system. In order to provide security for their information, ensure that you install an SSL Certificate on your server.

Step 9.            24x7x365 Technical Support

Web Hosting is a technical process. Hence, it is crucial to offer technical support to your clients at any time of the day or night. If you are operating from a home or office, then you can provide support yourself during office hours and outsource the non-office hour’s queries to a technical helpdesk.

Step 10.        Spread the Word

With all this in place, devise a marketing plan to help you spread the word about your services to your target audience. Leverage digital marketing and do some promotional activities to let people know that you offer one of the best hosting services they can get.

Summing Up

Reseller Web Hosting can help you make money without a lot of upfront investment. Also, it is a recurring business since most site owners don’t change their hosting providers easily if they are satisfied with the services. Follow the steps mentioned above and get started with your own web hosting company. Good Luck!


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